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Small agency, big ideas

Nabi & Abby


Our story begins with being friends.


After five years of occasionally bumping into each other, we had the opportunity of working together. It quickly became clear that we match in many (professional) ways, and we decided to combine forces.

We are Nabila and Abbygail, both loving mothers, with fantastic partners and a love for genuine stories. 

As a boutique agency, we are excited to offer exclusive, personal service. We really listen to what your brand represents, and formulate an effective content strategy.


We believe we can help your company stand out by creating engaging, authentic, attractive branded content.

Nabbi Design -  Abbygail Van Laer - Nabila Avaunzaff
Nabbi Design -  Nabila Avaunzaff
Nabbi Design -  Abbygail Van Laer

Meet the team


Nabila Avaunzaff

Abbygail Van Laer


Graphic-Web designer - photographer

I'm a designer with a background in Advertising and over 10 years of industry experience. I have worked on a variety of projects, from marketing campaigns to brand identity development.

My goal is to create designs that effectively communicate your message and vision. I am passionate about collaborating closely with my clients to understand their unique needs.

Whether you need a new brand identity, marketing materials, or other design services, I'm here to help bring your vision to life.
Let's work together to create something amazing!

Content writer - web design

Nature intrigues me.

I obtained my graduate degree in behavioural biology, yet always felt an urge to express myself in a creative way. Whilst travelling I found a love in taking photos, and through images telling the story.

A talent for organizing, a desire to make people connect and an enthusiastic approach provides the perfect match between your needs and our qualities. 

You build the dream, we make it happen!

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